How to Clean Flat Screen Printing Machine

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How to Clean Flat Screen Printing Machine

Our Flat Screen Printing Machine F1is environmentally friendly, which does not cause pollution. However, in order to make the equipment last longer, it is necessary to adopt several methods to clean the equipment.

First, the electronic cleaning method achieves the effect of descaling and anti-scaling by electrons.

Second, electrostatic cleaning method, as the name suggests, is to achieve anti-scaling and descaling effects through the static electricity of the flat screen printing machine.

Third. it is worth noting that the main functions of the mechanical cleaning method of the flat screen printing machine are the cleaning device and the blade cleaning method, the drill pipe cleaning method and the shot blast cleaning method.

Fourth. the physical cleaning method is mainly to remove the dirt component by applying the external force to various soils by means of hand tools and machinery. That is the method of not changing the original chemical molecular component.

Last, there is also a cleaning method for the Flat Screen Printer , which is a water cleaning method. It is a relatively low cleaning method and is generally not recommended for everyone. Once you have mastered the above methods, you will be relatively skilled when cleaning.

As production equipment, our flat screen printing machine is used in the textile printing and dyeing industry, especially for the manufacture of towels (including bath towels, beach towels, decorative towels, towel tapestries, etc.). The flat screen printing machine transports the towel by the rubber conveyor belt (referred to as the guide belt). The multiple flat nets are overprinted on the towel with different colors. The accuracy of the printing and color registration directly affects the beauty and quality level of the finished towel, so it is required to drag.

In order to improve production efficiency and reduce costs, it is necessary to maintain a certain printing speed. If the speed is too fast, the inertia is too large, the guide belt is difficult to stop, and the positioning color is inevitably inaccurate, which can’t be unavoidable.







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